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Did You Move to America to Work for Someone Else?

Left Everything to Lead a "Just OK" Life?

Gave up on your dreams?

(I'll Wait...)

I didn't think so either!

If you are a smart, educated, & ambitious immigrant 

who wants to start a business

WITHOUT $100K in debt investing in a physical business (smart) 

and wants to turn the expertise you ALREADY HAVE

into an online service business

and who is ready to have $10,000 months


$65 billion dollars was generated by 3 million immigrant business owners in the USA in 2014 -New American Economy

Introducing Immigrant CEO School!

The 1st and ONLY program in the world teaching Immigrants how to become CEOs...

being able to work online, using the expertise they ALREADY have

and generate $10,000 months in 12 weeks!

Imagine When...

You can wake up at 12 noon or 5 AM, or 9PM, on your own schedule

Book a plane ticket to Europe, just because you feel like it ( I did this 2x in 2017)

Feel PROUD and EXCITED whenever you check your bank accounts

Finally feel like you've made it in America (priceless)

Why You Should Listen:

Hi I'm Li!

I've been an immigrant for 17 years

US Citizen for 13 Years

3 Years in Business

and I'm about to teach you how to become your own boss, too!

As Seen On:

Cool Fun Facts:

Went from $2k/month to a $12K Month in 5 Months

I made $159,913 in the past 20 months online

In 3 years I've helped 200+ clients

Not So Cool Facts:

Forgotten on field trips at school because I never spoke up in class

Fired from 7 different jobs and one as a sushi waitress on my 1st day

Family thought I was insane..actually, they still do!

But Who Cares about Me! Here's what My Clients Say:

Jennifer, Social Media Coach

Hira, Weight Loss Coach

Albert, B2B Product Manager

Where My Clients Come From:

"Li was a God-send"

Able to Work & Stay in the USA After Working with Li

Why Immigrant CEO School?

AlternativesImmigrant CEO School
Cost to Start a Restaurant: $250K Down
Serving Angry and Hungry Yelp Reviewers
12 Weeks to Create a Profitable Online Business
with Your Laptop and Your Phone & Paying Clients
Getting an MBA: No Certainty of Profitable Job
Certainty of $140K+ in Student Loan Debt
Finding Clients who Love and Respect Your Work
Who are Happy to Pay Premium Fees for Results
Cost to Start a Gas Station Business $ 1 Million
& 1 Million Products to Manage
Starting a business with virtually no overhead expense,
only with a laptop and phone
Becoming a Doctor: $166K+ in Debt
8 Years of Education & 3 Years in Residency
Using the knowledge you have from your home country or education
and getting paid thousands for your custom designed packages
Becoming a Lawyer: $43K a Year in Tuition
Being the butt of lawyer jokes forever
No need to keep track of time in increments of 6 minutes
because you charge per package, work less and charge more.
Other "Big Name" Programs:
The teacher doesn't know your name
you are 1 in 20,000 students they have
The 1st and only program in the world helping immigrant entrepreneurs
in an intimate group setting
Marry Money:
could be awesome, could ruin your life
Keep your soul and keep the money you make
without having to lose your sense of independence or freedom
Become an International Crossover Pop StarActually that would be pretty fun if you can pull it off
Win the Lottery:
You could end up playing for a while
A solid, fool proof step by step plan to $10,000 months
in your online business
Go Back to Your Home Country:
Nothing wrong with it, but why are you here?
Have the CHOICE to stay whichever country you want to be,
because that's how CEOs roll
Staying Where You Are If you're cool with that, please exit this page, this is for to-be CEOs only.

What You Get:

Membership in the World's 1st and ONLY Immigrant CEO School

12 Weeks of Laser Targeted Online Training

A Supportive Community of Immigrant CEO Students

1:1 Feedback from Your Immigrant CEO Trainer

A lifelong skill of learning how to run business from

Week 1: CEO Programming

If you want to make MONEY like a CEO, you have to THINK like a CEO!

I teach you what my multi-millionaire mentors taught me over the past 3 years

How I 6x my income from $2,000 a month to $12,000 a Month in 6 months

and  Journaling Questions That I Use 2x a Day to Stay in the Vibe of Wealth!

Week 2: Millionaire Math

What the math behind a $100K, $250K, and $1 Million dollar business looks like

Exactly How Much to Charge Your Clients (worth its weight in gold) 

EXACTLY how many clients you need to get every month to reach your goal!

Week 3: Best Selling Offers

Week 4: Money Making Message

Become the LEADER of your industry with a message that attracts  BUYERS...

On repeat on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, e-mails, blogs, in front of a group, 

even if your English sucks, you have no personality, and are a terrible writer. 

Week 5: Client Goldmine

Where to find clients who will pay you and where to advertise and where NOT to (equally if not more important)

Week 6: Phone to ATM Cash Machine

Cure freaking out on the phone with new clients forever and develop the confidence to confidently sell your rates

Know exactly what to say when your client say they need to "Think about it" or talk to their husband/wife/partner about it

How to Overcome 50 different objections and exactly what to say

Week 7: Creating Super Star Clients

Week 8: Tiger Mom Implementation

Infuse Military-Inspired Discipline & Routine into Your Life so You GET IT DONE

Swipe My Daily Schedule & Journaling That Reprogrammed My Mind for Wealth

Thinking Like a Tiger Mom to Guarantee Business Success (Priceless)


Week 9: Famous Entrepreneur

Week 10: Speak to Sell

Week 11: Freedom in Your Business

Creating 1 Year's Worth of Content in 3 Hours

What to Outsource to a team & free up your time

How to Coach While Traveling the World

Creating 1 Year's Worth of Content in 3 Hours

What to Outsource to a team & free up your time

How to Coach While Traveling the World

Week 12: Launching Your Legacy

How Do I Join?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work for Me? +

No, this won't work for you---if you are somebody who doesn't do the work,

If you are somebody who thinks buying the program itself will solve the problem,

or if you're someone who is not seriously committed to building up a business,

then no it won't work for you, but if you are somebody who puts in 100% effort into doing everything outlined in the program,

there is no way you can fail, and I will not allow you to fail if you do decide to become my student

Can I Join if I'm Not an Immigrant? +

Yes of course you can join!

I love Americans and I am a naturalized one for about 12 years now

so I am as American as I am an immigrant and understand where you're coming from.

The only requirement I want you to observe is to come with an open mind and be able to begin with a blank slate, because that's the fastest way for you to succeed.

What if I don't have a business idea? +

Then you are in the perfect place!

This is the program that will help you hone in on your expertise and you will get 1:1 time with me and I will NOT stop until you actually have a niche that will help you get paid.

I give too much of a shit about my students succeeding to let you leave NOT knowing business ideas that could work, you will come away in the first few weeks with multiple working business ideas!

I am shy. Will this work for me? +

I get it, talking to people isn't your favorite thing in the world.

But I will teach you how to not sell your soul and still be able to communciate with your clients in  a way that feels good for both of you.

Please be aware that by joining this program you will be spending a substantial amount of time on the phone, so if you are phone hating millennial (like me) please be aware that there will be some aspects of yourself that you will have to practice and more frankly get over so that you can become the next level CEO that you were meant to be!

I am ugly. Will this work for me? +

You know, one of the reasons why I started this program was because I wanted to see people who were from all different backgrounds succeed regardless of their circumstances.

I believe that beauty is just a feeling, and even if you don't agree, some of the ugliest MOFOs in the world have somehow made it into the billionaire's list.

So I think this is the perfect place for people who want to be rich regardless of where they are right now to make it!

My English Sucks/Will this work if I coach and market in my native language? +

HELL YES! This is one of the biggest reasons why I started the program, I believe your mother tongue can make you millions if you market it right!

Is there a refund policy? +


Longer answer: Because I am putting time into this program and that is something I can never get back, it would not be fair. If you are not sure about the program and are not committed to make this work, please do me and your other fellow students a favor and only come back when you are 100% ready to invest in your success.

Can't I Figure This Out On My Own? +

Sure you can!

But I have a feeling that unless you're just checking this out of curiosity, if you're truly making it you would be raking in the money instead of reading this page.

Is This Guaranteed to Work? +

Let's look at it this way.

Instead of asking the question will this work, the question really should be: when can I start seeing results?

Because everyone goes at a different pace and are coming from different levels in business, if you are doing 10 sales calls a day, OF COURSE you're going to get more sales than the person doing 1 call a month, it's just numbers.

At the end of the day it depends on how willing you are to put in the work, because I can't get the clients for you, only you can!

P.S.: Still Not Sure if This is Right for You?

Not everyone is meant to (or even wants to!) be a CEO.

I will be the last person to push you into something that you don't feel called to be.

But, if you have a few questions that you don't see answered here,

please email me at

But if you know you were meant to be the CEO of your life, join here: